Study: Boston One Of The Most Liberal US Cities In A Country Of Liberal Cities

In a recent study, Boston was ranked the fifth most liberal city in the United States, falling behind only San Francisco, Calif. Washington, D.C., Seattle, Wash. and Oakland, Calif, according to The Economist.

The five most conservative cities were Mesa, Ariz., Oklahoma City, Okla., Jacksonville, Fla., Arlington, Texas and Anaheim, Calif.

The researchers, Chris Warshaw of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chris Tausanovitch from the University of California at Los Angeles, will have their study published in American Political Science Review this month. The Economist made a chart using the data, which involved 51 cities with populations of more than 250,000 people.


The Economist reported: “They brought together seven large-scale surveys that accounted for more than 275,000 people. It confirms the conventional wisdom that most big cities swing liberal.’’

The study also studied city responsiveness to political views:

“Our results show that these institutions have little consistent impact on policy responsiveness in municipal government. These results demonstrate a robust role for citizen policy preferences in determining municipal policy outcomes, but cast doubt on the hypothesis that simple institutional reforms enhance responsiveness in municipal governments.’’

Pew Research Center reported on the study:

“Overall, the liberal tilt of big cities is unmistakable. Even cities with conservative reputations (such as Dallas, Santa Ana, Calif. and Cincinnati) show up as left-of-center, if only slightly. This is perhaps not surprising: As the Pew Research Center recently found, 46 percent of consistent liberals said they’d prefer to live in a city, versus just 4 percent of consistent conservatives. Liberals also are about twice as likely as conservatives to live in urban areas, while conservatives are more concentrated in rural areas.’’

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