You Now Can Re-Live ‘Allston Christmas’ In A Web Series

Brighton Avenue in Allston.
Brighton Avenue in Allston. –MARTINE POWERS/ THE BOSTON GLOBE

Anyone who has moved to Allston on Sept. 1 knows it is hell.

There is rarely a way to avoid it. The streets are cramped, people are sweaty and the day probably will end in an argument of sorts.

If you haven’t witnessed it, now you can.

According to Boston Magazine, a new web series — called “Allston Xmas’’ — about the Sept. 1 moving ritual and created by Boston University graduates, is coming soon.

What is Allston Christmas, you ask? According to Boston Magazine:

“A day full of digging through people’s discarded possessions laying abandoned in student-heavy neighborhoods, which we love to loathe on an annual basis.’’

Check out the trailer and more about the series on their website.

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