Boston Police Investigating Video Captured by Victim of Possible ‘Peeping Tom’ in Brighton

A woman suspicious that a ‘Peeping Tom’ had been lurking outside of her Brighton apartment took a drastic measure: videotaping the man as he peered through her window.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, told that this isn’t the first time she has seen the intruder. Two weeks ago she said her boyfriend confronted the man after he peered into her apartment, but he claimed to be “looking for a dog.’’ Reports of voyeurism have been emerging around Brighton since May.

She says she installed cameras in various windows to catch the perpetrator in the act, should he spy on her again.


“It’s been quiet lately, but last night I decided to check the cameras,’’ she said. The footage shows what appears to be a man approaching the window from the outside and attempting to peer inside. “He had been looking in my bedroom window.’’

A friend of the victim posted the video on Facebook, and the chilling footage has since been shared widely.

The victim says she had heard about Brighton home invasions in the recent past, and referred to media reports of “The Boston Tickler’’— an intruder who allegedly touched his victims feet after gaining access to their unlocked home. “I don’t think it’s him,’’ she said, referring to the so-called “Tickler.’’ She added that the perpetrator “hasn’t tried to get in.’’

She says she’s been locking her doors at night and sleeping elsewhere, keeping kitchen knives and pepper spray at the ready when she is in her home.

“The scariest thing is he’s been confronted by my boyfriend,’’ she said. “He’s seen the additional security measures, yet he’s undaunted.’’

Boston Police Sgt. Michael McCarthy told that officers responded to a report of a suspicious person at the victim’s Commonwealth Ave. home at 12:35 a.m. on August 13. The victim says she showed a patrolman the footage she took, but McCarthy was unable to confirm whether or not police currently have the video.


A neighbor later told the victim she had a similar experience and had even found cinder blocks outside her home’s windows, which both victims think the suspect stands on to get a glimpse inside.

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