Springfield Go-Kart Incident Involves Kiddie Pool, Arson, and Cops Calling for Back-Up

Luigi shows off his go-kart skills in the video game "Mario Kart 8." –Associated Press

Police in Springfield finally tracked down a go-kart that was reportedly plaguing the city by racing around Main Street. On August 11, around 10:00 p.m., two officers spotted the go-kart drive behind a home. That’s when the trouble started.

The owners allegedly attempted to hide the go-kart under a kiddie pool, forcing the officers to leave their cruiser to confiscate the vehicle. Then, from the police report:

While they were attempting to do their job the officers were confronted by three males who stated that they would fight the officers and that in no way would they allow the police to take their go-kart. One subject yelled at police that he would rather see it burn then go with the cops.

While the officers called for back-up, the subject locked the go-kart to a wooden porch. He then allegedly poured a five-gallon can of gasoline on the vehicle and tried to light it on fire.


More from the report:

Officers Victor Alder and Juan Rodriguez showed up and attempted to take this crazed individual into custody. The officers had to fight these three individuals to get them into custody and used pepper spray to quell their actions. They were arrested and calm was restored.

Carlos Pesquera, 20, was charged with arson of a dwelling, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The police report editorialized that Pesquera is “a little old to care so much about a little ‘go-kart.’’’ Kevin Oyola-Sanchez, 26, was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The third subject was a 17-year-old whose information and charges were not listed.

The Springfield Police Department deserves its own reality show.

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