Suspect in Bus Crash Has Prior Impaired Driving Convictions

A man charged with crashing his car into an MBTA bus has a history of OUIs, according to prosecutors at his Wednesday morning arraignment. Stephen Griswold, 30, of Frankin is accused of being high on Tuesday when he crashed his car into an MBTA bus in Randolph.

During the arraignment, prosecutors noted this isn’t the first time Griswold’s been accused of driving while intoxicated, according to WBZ:

Griswold has a history of driving infractions. He has two convictions for operating under the influence and a handful of accidents he caused that got his license revoked for three years, according to prosecutors.

His father came to his defense saying outside the courtroom that Griswold had fallen asleep behind the wheel Tuesday.

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Surveillance video shows Griswold crashing head-on into the bus. Twenty bus passengers were injured in the ordeal.


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