Beer-Drinking Man Arrested in Vermont Nudist Resort Hot Tub

Dale Shawn Berglund
Dale Shawn Berglund –Vermont State Police

A Wisconsin man may have wished he had a time machine after he was arrested for trespassing in a nudist resort’s hot tub last night.

Dale Shawn Berglund, 38, allegedly tried to stay at Abbott’s Glen resort in Halifax, Vermont, but was unable to, as it was closed and also he wasn’t a registered guest. Instead, the West Allis, Wisconsin, man cracked open a beer and took to the hotel’s hot tub, which is where the Vermont State Police found him. According to the police report, Berglund was “relaxing’’ and “had made himself at home in the resort.’’

Abbott’s Glen is a clothing-optional inn and campground that describes itself as “a perfect location to unwind in nature, au natural.’’ There was no information on what clothes, if any, Berglund was wearing at the time of his arrest. He is due in Vermont Surperior Court on September 16.


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