94-Year-Old Market Basket Bagger Gets $7,000 Check From Grateful Sources

Arthur St. John
Arthur St. John –Jason Schreiber Photo

A 94-year-old part-time Market Basket bagger who was one of many workers to have hours cut received a paycheck from unexpected sources Friday.

Arthur St. John, who’s been working at the store the grocery store chain’s Stratham location in New Hampshire for 22 years, received a check for $7,166 from an online campaign by customers determined to help him keep paying his bills, Seacoast Online reported.

St. John reportedly cried when he received the check.

He had previously told Seacoast Online that he’d been working since he was 16-years-old and really just wants to return to work.

“I’ve got to keep going. I’ll keep going somehow,’’ St. John said.


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