Medical Marijuana Not Welcome on Many College Campuses

A jar of medical marijuana.
A jar of medical marijuana. –David McNew/ REUTERS

Despite its legality, medical marijuana is banned by many Massachusetts colleges, leaving some patients without access to their prescribed treatment: cannabis.

According to The Boston Globe, campuses reject medical marijuana use because of federal regulations that still classify marijuana as an illegal drug.

“Medical marijuana patients and advocates say colleges are being overly cautious,’’ the report states. “Forbidding the use of a state-recognized, doctor-authorized medicine is unfair, unethical, and a detriment to students, faculty, and others who use the drug to treat ailments, they say.’’

Boston University, Tufts University, and Amherst, Curry, Emerson, Hampshire, and Wheelock colleges are among the schools currently banning medical marijuana use.

Read the full Boston Globe story here.


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