Police Arrest Motorcyclists Clocked at 125 MPH in a 55 MPH Zone

A photo of the arrested motorcyclists.
A photo of the arrested motorcyclists. –NH State Police

NH State Police said they arrested two motorcyclists clocked at speeds exceeding 125 miles per hour in a stretch of I-93 with a 55 speed limit.

Rembert Zambrana, 34 and Erin Crete, 31, both of Litchfield, were arrested for reckless operation and taken to state police barracks in Bedford.

The two also face charges of drug transportation after police allegedly discovered marijuana in the vehicles.

Police said they received complaints of speeding motorcycles around 6:20 p.m. near Exit 9 on Route 101, and were able to discovered Zambrana and Crete about twenty minutes later entering I-93.

The pair are due to appear in Manchester District Court on October 6.


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