Arrest Made in Brighton ‘Peeping Tom’ Case

On Monday night, a 51-year-old Allston man was arrested in a “peeping Tom’’ case near 80 Gardner Street in Brighton, according to Boston Police Department spokesperson, Neza Coakley.

The man was identified as Genesio Cassimiro and will be arraigned in Brighton Municipal Court today.

He was arrested for disorderly person after he was reported for “acting suspiciously,’’ according to Coakley, and he gave the excuse that he was “relieving himself,’’ but there were no signs of it.

Last week, there was a reported “peeping Tom’’ in Brighton, where the victim was able to capture a video of the man looking into her apartment.

According to Coakley, there is no immediate link between the two and it does not look like the same person, but investigations are ongoing.


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