Brookline Jogger Turns Hero After Stroller Rolls Into Reservoir

A woman in Brookline was out for a jog around the Brookline Reservoir on Monday afternoon when a potentially dire situation forced her to take heroic action.

CBS Boston reported that the woman, who chose to be identified only as Rebecca, lives in New York but was visiting family in Brookline for the day when she was out for her jog.

According to NECN, Rebecca was on her first lap when she noticed a group of men and women with four young children, including two in a stroller. But as she came around the reservoir for the second time, she saw the stroller rolling toward a steep hill leading down to the water.


A report from WCVB indicated that the stroller rolled down the approximately 10-foot embankment and landed in the water with the children face down. According to the report, Rebecca, a former lifeguard, jumped in and immediately flipped the carriage over to get the children out of the water.

The rest of the rescue proved difficult, since according to FOX 25, the water was too deep for Rebecca to stand. The situation became even more complicated when one of the mothers, who was unable to swim, jumped in after Rebecca and the children.

Rebecca was eventually able to pull the two children and the woman closer to shore, where others were able to help them out of the water, according to the multiple media reports.

WCVB reported that the children were an 18-month-old boy and a 4-year-old girl.

NECN’s report added that both children were taken to Children’s Hospital in Boston but were not believed to be injured. The report also indicated that the incident remains under investigation but police “don’t believe the parents were negligent.’’

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