Maine Man Takes Most Meta Mug Shot Ever

Driving under the influence is no joke, but as we now know, mug shots related to driving under the influence can be. And we know this because a 19-year-old Maine man sentenced to two days in prison for drunk driving managed to put together one of the most creative mug shots of all time.

WMUR reported that Pittsfield resident Robert Edward Burt was arrested for OUI back in June and took a mug shot when he was processed. But Burt posted bail and wouldn’t have to report to Somerset County Jail to serve his 48-hour sentence until August 8.

So what did good ol’ Burt do while he was free for a little over a month? Well, he probably did lots of things, but the only one that we actually know of was that he made a t-shirt with his original mug shot on it.


But eventually, after spending your days printing mug shot t-shirts for fun, life catches up to you and you have to report to prison. And what should Burt decide to wear for the big occasion?

You guessed it.

Burt reported to the county jail donning his now-famous mug shot t-shirt, producing perhaps the only “meta mug shot’’ on record. Thank you for the chuckle, Mr. Burt. I think we all needed it. Now do us all a favor and just call a cab next time you drink.

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