Hartford Opens its Fire Department Job to More Than One Person

That assistant chief position at the Hartford, Connecticut, fire department, for which only one person was eligible, just got a little less exclusive.

The residency requirement that reduced the pool of potential candidates from six people to just one man has been removed and the job will be re-posted, according to The Hartford Courant.

The city’s human resources director told the Courant it was removing the residency requirement “due to a lack of applicants.’’ He did not elaborate on why the city had included the residency requirement that reduced the number of applicants to one in the first place.


In the past, applicants were required to move to Hartford six months to a year after accepting the position, and the last two assistant fire chiefs came from Texas and West Hartford, CT. In this instance, candidates were required to be a Hartford resident at the time of the application.

Deputy Chief Terry L. Waller is the only deputy chief who lives in Hartford. Waller lives with with his fiancee Sandra Kee Borges, who happens to be the city’s corporation counsel.

That didn’t sit well with at least one deputy chief who is not a Hartford resident and was therefore unable to apply for the job. Deputy Chief Daniel Nolan told the Courant that the exclusive listing was “a pre-made offer that has nothing to do with testing, qualifications, or credentials’’ and that it was “politically motivated, not fire-related.’’

Nolan said that the city “targeted the one person they specifically wanted for the job, and the only reason they are reversing themselves is because they were called on it by the public.’’

The Hartford Fire Department and the city’s human resources department did not respond to inquiries from Boston.com.

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