Shrewsbury Man Learns the Hard Way: You Don’t Mess with Social Security

A Shrewsbury man was sentenced to a year probation and has to pay back $57,948 to the Social Security Administration after he continued to collect his mother’s benefit check for four years after she passed away.

George Bergstrom, 60, received the sentence and paid off the debt in Worcester on Wednesday after U.S. District court judge Timothy Hillman handed down the sentence, according to a press release by US Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s office.

Bergstrom was able to keep the benefit running because he held a joint checking account with his mother. Her $1,100 Social Security benefit was deposited to that account. She passed away in 2009, but for the next four years Bergstrom continued to just, you know, not mention the monthly grand-plus of federal largesse magically appearing in his account.


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