Former N.H. Town Administrator Really Loves DirecTV, Found Guilty of Indecent Exposure

The former town administrator of Derry, New Hampshire, is a big fan of DirecTV, it seems. Or maybe he found an interesting new way to deal with unsolicited sales calls. Either way, he’s facing up to a year in jail because of it.

A man selling satellite TV services door-to-door knocked on the door of John Anderson, 51, on July 11, 2013. According to the (Manchester, NH) Union Leader, Anderson invited Errol Flynn (yes, that’s really his name) inside, but Flynn said he only saw Anderson’s bare arm. Once inside, he realized that Anderson was naked. Flynn told police he thought – perhaps optimistically – that Anderson had just gotten out of the shower. So he turned away from Anderson and powered through his sales pitch, showing the kind of dogged persistence we associate with the industry.


Anderson went on to make “multiple inappropriate comments,’’ according to WCVB, like inviting the salesman to naked party. Flynn said in court that he started to question the direction of the encounter, but then Anderson “expressed interest again in the DirecTV services,’’ so Flynn continued with his pitch. Until he saw Anderson masturbating. Apparently, the thought of satellite TV service really appealed to the high-ranking Derry official.

Anderson “made no effort to stop,’’ NECN reports. Flynn finally decided it was best to be on his way, though he did leave a brochure with both his name and phone number. It’s unclear whether Anderson ultimately decided to become a DirecTV subscriber.

When Flynn told his boss what happened, his DirecTV supervisor called the police. Anderson’s excuse was that he was only naked because he was using his underwear to clean up some water he spilled just before the salesman arrived. He testified that Flynn never seemed uncomfortable about delivering a sales pitch to a naked man, and that Flynn even mentioned he might stop by after work.

A jury didn’t believe Anderson and found him guilty of indecent exposure and lewdness. Anderson will be sentenced on September 12, and faces up to one year in jail.


Anderson was the Derry town administrator from October 2010 to October 2013, when, for some reason, the town decided not to renew his contract. The town continues to search for someone who can fill Anderson’s shoes.

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