Shark Spotted Near Duxbury Beach Cues Jaws Reference

Great white shark seen at a Duxbury beach.
Great white shark seen at a Duxbury beach. –DUXBURY POLICE DEPARTMENT

A large shark was seen at a Duxbury beach on Monday, causing swimmers to be ordered out of the water. Cue the Jaws references, people.

This comes after a shark was spotted off Chatham’s South Beach last week.

According to CBS, the Duxbury Fire Department said the a police helicopter had spotted the shark near the Powder Point Bridge.

The Duxbury Police has now released a photo of the shark claiming it is a great white:

People were orignially advised to stay out of the water, but the beach has since reopened:

Though beach-goers were most likely unhappy they had to leave the water, someone found some humor in the situation, referencing Jaws:

This story will be updated as more details become available.


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