Teen Charged with Killing Woman Near Dorchester Parade

Dawnn Jaffier
Dawnn Jaffier

An 18-year-old man was formally charged on Monday with the murder of a woman who was killed at a Caribbean festival last Saturday morning.

Keith Williams was arraigned in Dorchester Municipal Court for the shooting of Dawnn Jaffier, a 26-year-old Brighton resident who was fatally injured near Boston’s annual Caribbean parade. Williams pleaded not guilty.

Police allege that Williams “fired several shots’’ from a .357-caliber gun that he allegedly hid afterwards, according to tweets from WCVB’s Jack Harper.

Harper also tweeted that police found a gun that matched the shot that killed Jaffier.

Saturday morning’s gunfire on Blue Hill Avenue was allegedly gang-related, according to a law enforcement official who spoke with The Boston Globe.

“Ballistics played a huge role in this case along with community participation,’’ said the official. “This was a brazen act by disrespectful individuals and an innocent life was taken.’’


Police believe that Jaffier was an innocent bystander.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh joined Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley and Boston Police Commissioner William Evans at a press conference shortly after Williams’ arraignment.

“The violence has to stop. Efforts to stem the violence by taking guns off our streets will continue and we will work even harder to make our city an even safer place in memory of Dawnn Jaffier,’’ Mayor Walsh said at the press conference. “We’re not gonna let her memory be forgotten.’’

Commissioner Evans appealed to the public to help in what he called a “brazen’’ shooting that occurred in borad daylight. “Sometimes you can have as many cops as you want out there and still these incidents happen,’’ Evans said referencing all the officers that were on hand at the parade.

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