Dead Rabid Skunk Found in West Roxbury

A dead skunk found on Stimson Street in West Roxbury has tested positive for rabies. Anyone who has had direct contact with this skunk (or, just to be safe, any skunk) should contact the Boston Public Health Commission.

But if you didn’t touch it, don’t stress.

“Preventative treatments are needed for anyone who suspects they’ve been in direct contact with this animal’’ Dr. Anita Barry, Director of the Infectious Disease Bureau at the Boston Public Health Commission said in a statement. “Persons who did not touch the skunk are not at any risk.’’

According to the Boston Public Health fact sheet:

“Rabies is a viral disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). The virus is found in the saliva of an animal with rabies and is usually transmitted by a bite or scratch.’’

If you were in direct contact with this (or any) skunk, call the Boston Public Health Commission at (617) 534-5611.


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