Two Cat Cruelty Cases Emerge In Maine

There have been two separate animal cruelty cases in Maine after two girls put a kitten inside a microwave oven, and a man was charged with trying to neuter a cat with a rubber band.

In one case, two teenage girls pleaded guilty to putting a kitten inside a microwave oven, according to WMTW.

The teens were sentenced to 100 hours each of community service, a Cumberland County District Attorney’s office spokesperson told WMTW.

According to WGME, a video of the girls putting the cat in the microwave had shown up on social media, but their lawyer said “they had no intention of harming the kitten.’’


The feline has since found a new home, WGME reported.

In the second case, from Lewiston, Maine, a man was charged with criminal cruelty to animals after he allegedly attempted to neuter a cat with a rubber band, according to The Sun Journal.

Derek Edgerton, 25, believed he was helping out a friend by neutering the cat, Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout told The Sun Journal.

The cat survived after undergoing surgery, The Sun Journal said, and has been since adopted.

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