Boston Enlists Inspectors in Fight Against ‘Allston Christmas’

Move in day in Allston last year clogged up plenty of streets.
Move in day in Allston last year clogged up plenty of streets. –The Boston Globe

Housing inspectors will canvas student neighborhoods this weekend in an attempt to ease the issues that come with “Allston Christmas,’’ the big move-in date of Boston’s college students.

The efforts are part of a coordinated strategy from the city to make sure the streets of student-heavy neighborhoods don’t devolve into a trash heap of old furniture and used cardboard boxes.

As many as 50 inspectors will work their way through addresses in Allston, Brighton, Fenway, and Mission Hill and root out those violating housing compliance rules. The inspectors will target apartments with more than four undergraduate residents, a violation of Boston’s Student Zoning Amendment. They’ll also be doing “on-the-spot rental safety inspections,’’ according to the Mayor’s office.

Move in day in Allston last year. —The Boston Globe/ John Tlumacki

Along with those inspectors, the Code Enforcement Division of the Public Works Department will be issuing citations for trash violations. Students dropping their bed bug-infested furniture on the side of the road on days when trash is not picked up may be issued fines.

Then on Monday, Mayor Marty Walsh will join an inspector in a walk-through of a residence in Allston, Melina Schuler, a spokesperson for Mayor Walsh, told The walk-through is intended to give Walsh a sense of how the inspections are done, Schuler explained.

“We’re preparing for an efficient and effective student move-in process this year,’’ Mayor Walsh said. “By coordinating across departments, we will assist students moving into and across the City to get settled into safe off-campus housing, and provide them with the tools they need to stay connected with the City all year.’’

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