Marshfield Beachgoers Back in Water Search Turns Up No Shark

Officials evacuated nearly four miles of shoreline in Marshfield after an alleged shark was sighted about 150 yards offshore near Sunrise Beach.

The ban has since been lifted, though officials were unable to locate the creature after an air and boat search.

Harbormaster Mike DiMeo told Marshfield Mariner reporter Lisa Kashinsky that officials did spot a large sunfish nearby. The fish, which can often resemble a shark from above water, also has a distinctive fin that sticks out of water when it swims close to the surface.

Police Chief Phillip Tavares told The Boston Globe that the department received several reports of a shark thrashing in the water, adding the creature was estimated to be about 12 feet long.


The sighting — if you can call it that — comes only two days after a great white  shark was spotted offshore from a Duxbury beach.

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