Three People With 320 Bags of Heroin Arrested in Springfield

In three simultaneous drug raids, Springfield Narcotics officers charged two people with possession with intent to distribute and one person for possession of heroin, according to NECN.

Jorge Oquendo, 35, and Luz Feliciano, 42, were both charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute and Candida Hamel-Hawley, 41, was charged with possession, according to NECN.

CBS reported that the raids occurred after police received a search warrant on Tuesday night.

CBS also said:

“Police located heroin hidden in the bedroom areas and in the cellar of 293 Eastern Ave. In addition, police found heroin inside of a green balloon that was in Jorge Oquendo’s underwear.’’

NECN reported that there was a total of 320 bags of heroin found.

The three suspects are set to be arraigned in Springfield District Court, according to CBS.


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