‘Cops’ Crew Member with Ties to Mass. Killed on the Job

Bryce Dion, a Massachusetts native and an audio supervisor for the television show “Cops,’’ was shot and killed by police gunfire during a shootout with a suspect in Nebraska.

Dion, 38, and another crew member were riding with Omaha police when the officers responded to the scene of an armed robbery at a fast food restaurant. When the suspect began firing his weapon, police responded with gunfire of their own.

According to WCVB, the suspect was hit but fled the restaurant. As police continued to fire at the suspect, Dion was hit by a bullet fired by one of the officers and died. The report said that Dion, who was raised in Lawrence and whose family now lives in Haverhill, was hit in the arm and that the bullet then “slipped into a gap’’ in his bullet proof vest and went into his chest.


Omaha Police chief Todd Schmaderer called the incident tragic, but said police acted properly in the situation.

The suspect, 32-year-old Cortez Washington, was also killed. It was later discovered that his weapon was a pellet gun, but it appeared realistic enough to fool both police and witnesses.

The WCVB report added that this was the first instance of a “Cops’’ crew member being killed while filming.

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