There’s An Allston Christmas Heat Map

The Allston Christmas Heat Map
The Allston Christmas Heat Map –SCREENSHOT/ BYRON WELLS

Most Bostonians are aware of Allston Christmas and the tidings of thrown-out furniture and trash it brings.

But have you heard of the “Allston Christmas Heat Map?’’

Boston real estate advisor Bryon Wells created a heat map of Allston to help scavengers find where the best Allston Christmas presents are located. Inclusion of bed bugs not guaranteed.

Wells, who works for Gateway Real Estate Group, said he created the map to help Allston “shoppers’’ plan their exact route before heading out in pursuit of that perfect table or reclining chair.

A client asked Wells where he should go to find discarded furniture as swarms of students move in and out of apartments September 1, the date when most leases turn over. When Wells said, “Allston,’’ he realized that wasn’t a very specific answer. That was the “spark’’ for the map.


“I’ve always been a data-oriented person,’’ Wells said. “In the real estate industry, a lot of people tend to make up facts and don’t always have the data to support them.’’

Wells found out which Allston apartments had September 1 move-in dates from his real estate group and used Google to geo-code all of them for the heat map.

“The idea is that free furniture exists where people are moving out of apartments,’’ Wells said.

The beauty of the map is that its purpose is two-fold: You can use it to find your next bean bag chair OR you can use it to find out where to avoid on move-in day. Allston traffic is notoriously bad September 1, so if you have a history of road rage, you might want to use the map to bypass the neighborhood.



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