August Commuting Traffic Worse Than Ever. Thanks Pike.

–Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

The $22.3 million project to rehabilitate the 1.4-mile Mass Pike stretch from the Commonwealth Avenue to Dalton Street overpass is proving to be a major pain for commuters.

August is supposed to be the commuting calm before the crowds head back to school, or work, or wherever.

At least that’s what we thought.

But, according to The Boston Globe, the traffic in August was “worse than ever.’’

A combination of more drivers and temporary lane closures are to blame, and besides venting frustration — and sitting in it — there’s really nothing drivers can do about it.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation defends the construction, saying officials assessed other ways the project could have been completed while keeping traffic flowing. Because of limited space between the sides of the highway and the proximity of commuter rail tracks, it was considered impossible to do the project without shutting one lane of traffic in each direction.

Oh, and it’s not expected to end for at least another two years.

Read the full story in The Boston Globe.


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