Hellish Mass Pike Traffic Began in Earnest Today and It’s Not Getting Better Anytime Soon

Mass Pike lane closures wreaked havoc on traffic in August (above), and September’s commute looks to be even worse. –Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

The post-Labor Day back-to-work rush was more like a back-to-work crawl on Tuesday, thanks to what can only be described as traffic on steroids on the already infamous Mass Pike.

The $22.3 million construction project on I-90 has caused lane closures in both directions. That loss of a lane added costly minutes – or in some cases, hours – to August rush hour times.

The MassDOT project began in July and is intended to repair part of the Pike’s median and make improvements to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge substructure, MassDOT explained.

August is generally a low-traffic month, with nearly half the state on vacation, and the other half at home wringing their hands over the Market Basket debacle.


But September brings the start of school and the end of vacation. And the post-Labor Day rush – aka today – is when traffic issues really heat up.

And they did. Big time.

Judging by Tuesday morning’s traffic, the next two years or so are going to be terrible. If you’re not one of the unlucky commuters stuck in traffic, then you’ll be stuck hearing everyone else talking about it.

How much longer was this morning’s commute for you? How did you cope? Tweet your traffic woes with #MassPikeMayhem.

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