Boston Public Schools Facing Transportation Changes on First Day

Students in the Boston Public Schools system were able to make it to their first day of classes today without many problems, but officials remain concerned about ensuring consistent access to busing and public transit, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, things appeared to go smoothly this morning as BPS avoided a repeat of last week’s busing headaches.

Turnout from bus drivers was “strong,’’ Boston Public Schools spokesman Lee Maguire said in an email. Today’s start of the school year comes a week after charter-school students had to wait for rides that came late — or in some cases didn’t come at all — amid labor issues with the drivers union and the bus contractor.

Meanwhile, the city and MBTA are trying for an efficient transition to public transportation for 2,100 eighth-graders who will be taking the T instead of boarding school buses as part of a city cost-cutting endeavor.

To read more on the transportation plans for BPS, you can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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