Police Arrest Boston Fast Food Workers Conducting Sit-In

Boston fast food workers held a sit-in at a major downtown intersection last September to protest for higher wages.
Nine protestors were arrested by Boston police during a sit-in in support of higher wages and unions for fast food workers. –REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Police arrested Boston fast food workers who walked off their jobs and conducted a sit-in near Downtown Crossing on Thursday. The protest is part of a national movement to demand a $15 minimum wage and unions among fast food workers.

Among the hundreds present at the gathering, a few protestors from various fast food restaurants sat down at the intersection of State Street and Congress Street to block traffic just after noon.

After about an hour of the sit-in, police informed the protestors they would be arrested for blocking the intersection. Eight fast food workers and one supporter were taken into custody in a calm and orderly fashion, according to reports from the scene.


Earlier in the morning, home care workers gathered at the Massachusetts State House for speeches and worker testimonials.

The home care workers then walked over to the McDonalds on Washington St. to ally with protesting fast food workers from McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Labor activists also participated in their march down Washington St., WGBH’s Anne Mostue reports.

Those at the rally said they would do “Whatever It Takes’’ to get a $15 wage and the right to union, and that phrase could be seen on several posters and signs.

The Boston protests were part of a national movement among fast-food workers demanding better pay in dozens of cities on Thursday. In New York City, 21 workers were arrested during a sit-in outside a McDonalds in Times Square. Similarly, 30 protesters were arrested outside a Detroit McDonalds for blocking traffic.

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