Police Find Roslindale Middle School Ransacked

Police responding to an alarm tripped at a Roslindale school just before 2 a.m. Saturday found three kids they believe ransacked classrooms inside.

Officers said they entered Washington Irving Middle School after hearing noises inside the building. Upon entry, they heard one of the intruders over the school’s public announcement system.

As their search continued, an officer stationed outside the school said he saw the three alleged vandals exit the building. Police said one of the suspects got away when they took off running, but that two others were apprehended with the assistance of search dogs.

The school reportedly had 10 classrooms and their contents “ransacked,’’ according to police, with several broken windows and electronic equipment damaged.


Other damage was also discovered in display cases and several cash registers in the cafeteria.

The two juveniles were not named by police because of their young age and face deliquency charges, including breaking and entering, larceny from a building and resisting arrest.

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