Boston Firefighters Turn Up the Heat With First Calendar

Boston Fire Department’s new calendar models
Boston Fire Department’s new calendar models –Sara Morrison/

The first Boston Firefighter Calendar is finally here and ready to warm up the walls of your cubicle. The “Turn Up The Heat’’ Boston Firefighters Calendar Release Party on Thursday Oct. 9 was the first time the calendar was revealed and Club Royale was getting pretty hot.

The 13 men featured in the 2015 Boston Firefighters Calendar worked the party — welcoming guests, manning the raffle ticket booth, and even passing out appetizers. It wasn’t until 10:30 p.m. that they were paraded in all of their glory across the stage. It was worth the wait.

The six-pack filled calendar was shot in two locations over a two-day period. Calendar receivers will see pictures of the men in front of local landmarks, like the Boston Bridge and the Seaport District. Pictures were also taken on the isolated Moon Island at the Boston Fire Academy. Pictures from the academy include a car on fire and an open fire hydrant.


The guys prepared for the calendar the day of the shoot, many not eating, not drinking water or trying to get in a last minute workout. Every month said they were nervous. “These guys will run into a burning building and not be afraid, but ask them to take a picture and they are scared as hell,’’ Mistress Carrie said.

The calendar is filled with fire safety tips, as well as a tribute page for fallen firefighters Michael Kennedy and Ed Walsh, who were killed in the line of duty during a nine-alarm fire in Back Bay in March. Kennedy was a member of the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation, which created the calendar and hosted the release party. It was Kennedy’s idea to do the calendar in the first place, and several said they participated for him.

“Mike was my best friend and he had texted us and asked us to do it and I blew him off because I didn’t want to, but with everything that happened we wanted to do it for him. And at the end of the day it is for a great cause,’’ Sean, Mr. November, said.

Proceeds from the calendar and the party go towards the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation, which helps to ease the suffering of burn victims and their families. Want to take home your own firefighter, or 13? The calendar will soon be available for purchase online at


Here’s what the pin-ups had to say about their experience of being the center of attention in a way that didn’t involve smoke or heat — at least, not the kind associated with fire.

Bill, JanuarySara Morrison/

January: Bill

Q: What was the photo shoot like for you?

A: I was a little uncomfortable taking my shirt off, but I’ve been working out my whole life so it felt good to be recognized for that hard work and my build.

Drew February

February: Drew

Q: Did you enjoy yourself at the shoot?

A: It was the most awkward thing I have ever done in my life, standing in only bunker pants, cold, in a compromising position.

Mike, MarchSara Morrison/

March: Mike

Q: A lot of the guys said they prepared for the shoot by not eating the day of, not drinking, doing extra workouts. How did you prepare for the shoot?

A: I ate no bread for three months.

Antone, AprilSara Morrison/

April: Antone

Q: Why is the Boston Fireman calendar going to be better than the New York Fire Department’s calendar?

A: Boston is better than New York at everything: firefighting, sports, we’re better-looking. It’s the way it is.

Brian, MaySara Morrison/

May: Brian

Q: How has life in the fire house been since the photo shoot?

A: Not bad, but I know the guys were waiting for the calendar to come out first before the jokes really begin.


Danny, JuneSara Morrison/

June: Danny

Q: How have your friends reacted to you in the calendar?

A: In the fire house, I’ll never hear the end of it and with the calendar out now it has just begun until the next set of guys come along. But people you never even imagined would tease you or find out you are in the calendar do.

Theron, JulySara Morrison/

July: Theron

Q: If the Boston Police Department was to make a calendar in the future, would yours be better?

A: I don’t know, I guess if donut bellies are what you’re into…

Adam, January 2016 and fill-in Mr. AugustSara Morrison/

August: Adam (Adam is actually January 2016, but filled in for Pat).

Q: Is the Boston Fireman calendar going to be better than the FDNY calendar this year?

A: New York has been doing this a while and this is our first year. I think we did a great job, but in the future we will be the top in the country.

Pete, SeptemberSara Morrison/

September: Pete

Q: Did you do anything extreme to prepare for the photo shoot?

A: Not at all. Before the shoot I had just had lunch so I guess I missed the memo.

Paul, OctoberSara Morrison/

October: Paul , Engine 4

Q: Have you ever modeled without a shirt on before?

A: No! And the shoot was interesting because we did it in the seaport area, the business district, and it was right around happy hour so like 30 people were just watching us with their drink in hand. There were definitely some catcalls.

Sean, NovemberSara Morrison/

November: Sean, Ladder 24

Q: What did you do to celebrate after the shoot was over?

A: We all went to Papa Ginos and ordered like $170 worth of food, but because we all hadn’t eaten our stomachs had shrunk so we tried to give like three pizzas to the family next to us.

Rob, DecemberSara Morrison/

December: Rob, Engine 4

Q: Did you like modeling?

A: It was pretty fun, but more than I was expecting. Fifteen minutes of different poses is exhausting. I have a little more respect for models now.

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