Judge Allows Hernandez Cell Phone Evidence

A Bristol Superior Court judge denied an effort by defense lawyers to suppress cell phone evidence in the case against Aaron Hernandez Friday.

Attorneys for the former New England Patriots tight end argued that authorities did not have a legal basis to confiscate the device from their law offices with a search warrant for Hernandez’s home alone, The Boston Globe reports.

Lawyers told the judge that the phone was given to the Massachusetts State Police under a “false claim of legal authority,’’ but Judge E. Susan Garsh rejected that argument, allowing prosecutors to include information from the phone recorded around the time of alleged murder of Odin Lloyd.


“The turning over of the phone was a voluntary act. It was not the result of force, threat, trickery, duress or coercion,’’ Garsh wrote in her decision, adding there was no evidence of “any physical control’’ over Hernandez by police.

Hernandez also faces charges related to another double murder in Boston.

His case is expected to begin early next year.

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