Group Apologizes for Ads With Imagery of Journalist James Foley’s Death

James Foley in a 2011 video with GlobalPost.
James Foley in a 2011 video with GlobalPost. –AP

Online political ads featuring imagery from the murder of New Hampshire journalist James Foley were pulled from YouTube this week after outcry from his family.

The DC-based “Secure America Now’’ advocacy group describes itself as “a nonpartisan organization dedicated to bringing critical security issues to the forefront of the American debate,’’ though the ads in question exclusively targeted Democrats in tight midterm elections, including Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.

“While radical Islamists threaten to attack America and millions cross our border undetected, President Obama and Senator Shaheen have done nothing,’’ the video stated. “Call now and tell Senator Shaheen to stop ignoring our border crisis.’’


“It makes me very sad that people would use the brutality of our son’s death for their own political purposes,’’ his mother Diane Foley told NECN.

Secure America Now President Allen Roth once told the network that his group would not apologize for the ad, but now said that they “apologize for any pain we inadvertantly caused’’ in a statement.

“It has been brought to our attention that a news report image of American hostage James Foley that appeared in a Secure America Now video has upset his parents, so we have decided to take the video down,’’ he continued. “The purpose of the video was to draw attention to Washington’s failure to secure our borders from real threats by terrorists. That remains our objective and we will continue to engage in this public debate.’’

The family has also previously requested Foley’s image be removed from anti-Islamic ads featured on New York City buses, as well as other political ads that ran in New Mexico and Arizona.

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