Woman Finds Naked Man With Her Pitbull — And It Gets Weirder From There

A Waterbury, Connecticut man was taken into police custody Tuesday morning after his neighbor said she was forced to hold him at gunpoint to stop him from raping her dog. Ugh.

Alice Woodruff told the Republican American (note: there’s a paywall) that she heard a commotion in her backyard, only to discover a strange, naked man with her 12-year-old pitbull Layla-Ali, whom he was violating inside of a circle creepily arranged with his discarded clothes.

“The man started to ‘gazelle’ across the yard, saying ‘Today is the day!’ and ‘I am the anti-Christ and you’re going to die with me,’’’ Woodruff told the paper. “He kept saying he was with ISIS and he had Ebola, that he gave the dog Ebola.’’ Okay.


Woodruff said she fired a warning shot into the ground to scare off the intruder, though the move didn’t help — the man reportedly responded by looking to the sky, adopting a Christ-on-the-cross pose and daring Woodruff to kill him.

Police also found strange notes among his belongings, including words like “now, now, now,’’ “external,’’ and “internal,’’ surrounded by numerous circles.

Authorities finally found the suspect after a two-hour foot search. Acting on a hunch the man may be suffering from mental illness, police took him to St. Mary’s Hospital, where he was later committed.

The man’s name has not been released as he has not yet been formally charged with any crime, according to police.

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