Boston Leaders Past and Present Fondly Remember Tom Menino

Former Boston mayor Tom Menino, 1942-2014.
Former Boston mayor Tom Menino, 1942-2014. –Bill Brett/The Boston Globe

Tom Menino, Boston’s longest-serving mayor, was remembered fondly by politicians across the political spectrum on Thursday after news of his death.

Barack Obama, US President:

Bold, big-hearted, and Boston strong, Tom was the embodiment of the city he loved and led for more than two decades.

Marty Walsh, Boston mayor:

To any who had come to know him, it is no surprise that more than half of Boston had a direct interaction with Tom Menino. No man possessed a greater love for our City, and his dedicated life in service to Boston and her people and changed the face of the City.

John Kerry, US secretary of state and former US Senator for Massachusetts:

Tom Menino was Boston. In fact, if you just look around the city, you’ll see with your own eyes that he is Boston today. Others talked, Tommy worked.

Tom Menino had the big bold beating heart of a street politician.

Joe Biden, Vice President:

His heart was always as big as the city he loved. And he was, to his core, the very definition of Boston Strong. Unyielding. Absolutely committed.

Deval Patrick, Massachusetts governor:

Boston has lost a political giant, and Diane and I have lost a friend.

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor:

In the aftermath of the Marathon bombing last year, he was steady as always, showing the same determined leadership that made his career in public service one of Boston’s most important and most influential.

Joann Flaminio and Thomas Grilk, leaders of the Boston Athletic Association, which hosts the Boston Marathon:

He was always one of the first spectators to arrive at the Marathon and the last to leave, including in 2014. He touched the event and the athletes in every way, every year. The race is diminished without him.

Elizabeth Warren, US Senator for Massachusetts:

The City of Boston lost a great fighter today. Mayor Tom Menino used his big heart, his strong voice, and his fierce determination to shape every corner of the city. … Our mayor is gone, but he lives on in every neighborhood in Boston.

Ed Markey, US Senator for Massachusetts:

Tom Menino was an urban mechanic without equal, attuned to every detail in every neighborhood & forged a more inclusive Boston.

Daniel Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney:

He knew every block of every neighborhood as well as he knew his own back yard and he treated them with the same love and care. He valued every resident as if they were his neighbors and cared for every child as if their futures were his own.

Martha Coakley, Massachusetts attorney general and Democratic candidate for governor:

What made Tom Menino so remarkable was his connection to the people he represented – he understood their lives, their hopes, and their dreams. And he fought for them every day. He never forgot where he came from and stayed true to who he was to the very end.


Charlie Baker, Republican candidate for governor:

“If ever there was someone who deserved to live out their golden years in retirement… it’s Tom Menino.’’

Robert Kraft, New England Patriots chairman and CEO:

Personally, my three favorite memories were the phone calls that I received from the Mayor after each of our Super Bowl victories inviting the Patriots to celebrate with our fans in downtown Boston.

Buddy Cianci, former Providence mayor:

He was a great guy. He will be long remembered for doing good things in Boston. Certainly, all of Boston has lost a legend.

Ray Flynn, former Boston mayor:

Yes, we sometime disagreed about issues, but we never had a difference of opinion about our respect for each other and our pride in making Boston a great city. …

Boston is a better city because of Tom Menino and the people of Boston are grateful for his commitment and service.

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