2 Arrested After Keytar Bear Assault, Robbery

Keytar Bear performs in Porter Square.

Everybody knows you don’t poke the bear, but some people have to learn the hard way.

Boston Police said two people are under arrest after beloved busker Keytar Bear was beaten and robbed near Faneuil Hall Wednesday.

The famed keytarist told his Facebook followers that his instrument may have been damaged in the attack and that blood from his injuries ruined a prized autographed Bruins jersey.

“I’m not upset because I realize God gives us problems in order to make us stronger,’’ he wrote. “But my Bruins jersey is [expletive deleted] up and that pisses me off.’’

Boston Magazine reports that police were able to identify the male and female suspects using surveillance footage of the attack. Both were arrested the day after the robbery, though their identities were reportedly redacted from the police report.


A message sent to Keytar Bear’s official Facebook page was not immediately returned Friday night, but the furry ivory-tickler said he’d be performing in “Cambridge and Somerville from now on’’ in a Facebook comment.

“The bear tries to remain as stealth as possible,’’ he wrote in another comment. “His ideology is you can’t hit a moving target.’’

Sadly it’s not the first time Keytar Bear has been the target of violence — the busking superstar took a brief hibernation in April after he was attacked twice while performing. The news prompted an IndieGoGo campaign that raised thousands of dollars to replace his damaged keytar.

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