Harvard Students Don’t Look Too Smart in this Video

After Fox News aired a video earlier this month featuring interviews with Harvard students who said that the United States was a “bigger threat to world peace’’ than ISIS, some jokers on the campus decided to get even — though whether they succeeded is another story.

The campus internet comedy troupe On Harvard Time did their own survey of Harvard students this week, quizzing students on basic current events and patriotic exercises.

“Fox News recently did a piece asking Harvard students whether they believe ISIS or the United States to be a bigger threat to world peace – some students answered the US, and Fox News correspondents had some strong words to say,’’ the video’s host, Sam Clark, said. “The video blew up on Facebook, etc. So, naturally we decided to retaliate.’’


But it’s not exactly clear how the video serves as retaliation, given that a number of students are featured saying things that sound much worse than anything that appeared on the Fox segment.

A number of self-described patriots have a hard time reciting the pledge of allegiance, while others struggle to identify words in the acronym “ISIS.’’ Another student cites Ben Affleck in his analysis of ISIS (here’s hoping he’s not a poli sci major).

Sweet revenge or not, it’s still worth a giggle:

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