Mayor Thomas Menino’s Funeral Held in Boston

A funeral mass for former Boston Mayor Tom Menino was held at Most Precious Blood Church in Hyde Park.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, presided. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick offered words of remembrance.










Cardinal Sean O’Malley:


“A good wife is a treasure and Tom had a treasure, and he knew that.’’

“Of all of his great accomplishments, his greatest accomplishment was his beautiful family that is here today. And he was so aware of that.’’




Menino’s former chief of staff, Mitchell B. Weiss:


“The man who never sought higher office has one now.’’


“He wasn’t supposed to be here yet. He was supposed to have more time.’’

“He always wanted to be in the mix of things. He was anguished not to be there on Boylston Street in the moments after the blast.’’

“They loved you when they hung signs for you. They loved you when they unhung some other signs. And you loved them back.’’

“’A machine,’ the outsiders called it, but how could it be? It had your big beating heart.’’



Menino’s Granddaughter, Samantha Menino:

“Papa was at his best when he was out with the people he loved.’’



Menino’s Granddaughter, Olivia Fenton:


“He was always a busy person, but yet he always found time to spend with us.’’

“Even in the toughest of situations for him, he always would make a joke to cheer us all up.’’


According to WBZ-TV, at the request of the family, the live video feed is not showing the distribution of Communion.


Mayor Menino’s six grandchildren are participating in the mass: In the reading of the General Intercessions (Giulia Fenton, Will Fenton, Taylor Menino, Thomas Menino III), reading words of remembrance (Olivia Fenton, Samantha Menino), and serving as pallbearers (Will Fenton and Thomas Menino III).




Rev. John J. Connolly, Jr.:


“In the closing days of his high school years, one of the sisters said to him, ‘Mr. Menino, what are you going to do with your life?’ And the mayor replied, as a high school senior, ‘I’m gonna build bridges.’’’

“The reason that Tom Menino is so beloved by so many … is because he recognized that each of us is blessed by God with the gift of life. A life to be lived and cherished each and every day.’’

“Even in the midst of things he couldn’t control, even in the midst of things that seemed overwhelming or daunting, he realized he had to be himself.’’

“He loved us and he loved this city like he was our papa.’’



Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:


Patrick recalled talking to “the legendary mayor of Boston.’’

“The great man shared his wisdom with a political newcomer.’’

“He seemed to make time for everybody, even a political nobody like me.’’

“There was that famous eye-roll, that ‘gimme a break.’’’

“About his infamous mumbling, you always knew what he meant and – more importantly – that he meant what he said.’’

On the marathon bombings: “When the bombs went off later that day, we understood that he needed to recover…He checked himself out of the hospital to be present with us and for us, and that show of strength and resolve helped Boston be strong again.’’

On Angela Menino: “It seems especially sad that he would be taken just when you finally had his undivided attention.’’


“Tom Menino, thank you for being my friend. For making the time for the meek as well as the mighty.’’



Boston Mayor Martin Walsh:

“You were a relentless, big-hearted, people-loving urban mechanic has gone to fix potholes in heaven.’’

“Angela, this city grieves with you, and this city thanks you for your sacrifice and your service.’’

“Tom Menino saw the core of people and believed in them … Tom Menino believed in underdogs.’’

“When Tom Menino had your back, that’s all you needed. The proof is all around us. Tom Menino had Boston’s back.’’

“Tom Menino believed in underdogs. He knew what it means to be underestimated…to struggle.’’

“When the bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and Mayor Menino was hobbled by surgery, he stood up.“

“He didn’t believe in old Boston and new Boston, he believed in one Boston, the one he devoted his life to.’’









































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