Northeastern University Police Investigate Swastikas on Flyers

Swastikas were drawn on flyers advertising an upcoming campus event, according to Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun.

Aoun said the vandalism was “completely unacceptable’’ in an email on Friday, and emphasized the university’s lack of tolerance “for anti-Semitism, prejudice, and hate crimes of any kind, including this incident.’’

The flyers hung in Dockser Hall, an academic building in the center of campus. They publicized an event sponsored by the Alliance for Israel at Northeastern and the Louis D. Brandeis Center.

The Alliance for Israel and Jewish Law Student Association issued the following statement to

While the members of Alliance for Israel (AFI) and Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) are very much saddened and offended by the reprehensible, anti-Semitic actions that took place this Friday, we are appreciative of the current actions being taken by the administrations of both Northeastern University and Northeastern University School of Law. The event will be held as scheduled despite these actions, and we plan to continue to work with both administrations, as well as other student groups, to avoid incidents like this in the future.

This isn’t the only instance of anti-Semitic behavior Northeastern has witnessed in recent years. In December 2012, two students confessed tovandalizing a menorah on campus. The incident occurred during Hanukkah and though the university declined to disclose details about the vandalism, administrators deemed the act one of religious intolerance.


The same year,Wheaton College and Harvard University both experienced their own acts of anti-Semitism.

Those incidents contributed to the 38 incidents reported in the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents. In 2013, the number rose to 46 incidents, 28 percent of which reportedly took place on school or college campuses.

An investigation of Friday’s incident is being conducted by Northeastern University Police.

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