The ‘Polite Burglar’ May Have Struck Again, Police Say

A police sketch of the suspect.
A police sketch of the suspect. –Winchester PD

The so-called “polite burglar’’ may have struck again.

Another Winchester woman said she woke up to a man standing over her couch Wednesday night, in circumstances “which match the actions and descriptions’’ of similar break-ins in the area, police said.

Notably, the man left the home after the victim told him to leave, authorities said. No one was injured and no items were reported stolen from the home.

“The behavior is the same each time,’’ according to a statement released by Winchester Police. “The suspect breaks into homes in the early morning hours via windows in the first floor or basement. Sometimes the homes are occupied, and police believe he may also have broken into unoccupied homes.’’


The suspect received his nickname after victims told police he apologized for breaking into their homes. While he has not harmed any of his victims, police said they are concerned by his bizarre behavior and told residents to consider him dangerous.

“Outward behavior should not lull residents into a false sense of security,’’ Woburn Police Chief Robert J. Ferullo Jr. wrote in an earlier statement. “This is a dangerous felon who breaks into people’s homes, often while they are asleep inside.’’

The suspect is described as a dark-skinned Hispanic or light-skinned African American male in his early 20s, about six feet tall with black marks or acne scars on his face. He has been seen in a light grey hoodie.

Wednesday’s victim said the man spoke with a Caribbean accent.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect or has any information is asked to call Winchester Police at 781-729-1212.

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