Is Looking for Awesome Interns

You! You there. The millennial. America’s future. We’ve got an offer for you.

The news team is hiring spring interns.

Interns at get to work in a real-live newsroom, writing hard news copy as events unfold. And if nothing is literally on fire and no one is bleeding, you get to work on all kinds of edgier fare. Like this. Or this, this or this. If it’s quintessentially Boston, and it’s interesting, you can write about it. And if not, you might still get to write about it.

Also: You’ll get paid. Not like those other sucker internships where they promise you connections and experience, neither of which pays your rent.


The bosses are mean, the coffee’s cold (not iced, just cold), and we use the Oxford comma to mess with your head as you master AP style. If that sounds like the gig for you, apply here.

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