Couple Arrested After Allegedly Fondling Each Other and Refusing to Leave Strip Club

Some life advice: If security guards — and later a police officer — tell you it’s time to leave the strip club, it’s probably about time to call it a night.

A New York man and his New Hampshire girlfriend allegedly refused to leave Ten’s Show Club in Salisbury early Tuesday morning, after security guards there said they saw the two engaged in “inappropriate’’ behavior, according to a police report published by The Smoking Gun.

Daniel J. Tromp, 28, of Saugerties, New York and 30-year-old Alysson Siopes of Rye, New Hampshire were sitting in front row seats when Siopes stood in front of Tromp, who then placed “his hands all over her body’’ according to the police report.


Witnesses told police that Tromp undid Siopes’s bra, which allegedly prompted her to start taking off her boyfriend’s pants. Security guards said she then made a gesture implying she would perform oral sex on Tromp.

“That is when security staff intervened and told them that they had to leave,’’ the police report reads. Staff said they called 911 when the pair refused to do so after repeated requests.

The responding officer said he twice asked Tromp to leave, and when he refused, threatened to arrest the “highly intoxicated’’ man for disorderly conduct.

“Fine, arrest me then,’’ Tromp allegedly responded.

Siopes was later arrested for disorderly conduct after police said she also challenged officers to follow through on a threat of arrest.

Both were arraigned in Newburyport District Court Tuesday, and were ordered to pay $50 to the Victims Witness Fund. If they stay out of trouble for three months, the charges will be dismissed.

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