Rampaging Woodchuck Terrorizes N.H. Neighborhood

Take cover.
Take cover. –CBS Boston

Step aside, Dramatic Chipmunk. Vicious Groundhog is ready for the spotlight.

Two men, an animal control officer, and a dog all narrowly escaped a groundhog attack in Hampton, New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Gary McGrath, a woodworker, was out in his yard when a groundhog ran up to his foot, CBS Boston reports. McGrath lightly kicked the groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, but it came back. McGrath kicked harder this time and then fled into his garage. The rampaging rodent stayed on his heels and made its way into the garage, forcing McGrath to hide inside his house.

The furry fury didn’t stop there, though, as the groundhog clawed and scratched at his front glass door while McGrath took some frightening photos.


A neighbor and his dog, too, were chased from their yard into their home by the same groundhog. The whiskered, teeth-baring woodchuck feared no creature.

Animal control soon came onto the scene, but the wily woodchuck forced the officer to stay in his truck, WMUR reports. Finally, the groundhog’s rampage finally ended when it was put down in McGrath’s yard.

It will be tested for rabies.

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