Dozens of Cohasset Cars Broken Into Thanks to Unlocked Doors

Dear everyone: Lock your car doors. Even if you park in your own driveway.

Residents in Cohasset are learning this lesson the hard way, as police continue to investigate dozens of car break-ins in the tony South Shore town.

It’s hard enough to understand how or why anyone would not only leave their car unlocked. But to keep their wallets and credit cards inside said unlocked car? You may as well put a “please rob me’’ bumper sticker on your car.

Cohasset Police offered more details on their Facebook page:

This isn’t a new phenomenon. People steal stuff from unlocked cars all the time. And this isn’t something limited to so-called bad neighborhoods or communities. It happens in Southborough. And in Leominster. In Hingham. And now Cohasset.


If you have any information about the Cohasset break-ins, you can reach police at [email protected].

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