Gov. Deval Patrick Won’t Be Running for President in 2016

Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick.
Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick. –Courtesy of PBS

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told “Meet The Press’’ host Chuck Todd he won’t be running for president any time soon.

“I’ve thought about it, but no, I can’t get ready for 2016,’’ Patrick said. “I’ve felt it’s been two really challenging and fun terms, but I didn’t run for the job to get another job. I ran to do this job.’’

The interview touched on a number of topics beyond the outgoing governor’s own political future. Patrick also talked about the challenges of being the state’s first African American governor, recalling a gang-related killing of a black teenager in Roxbury early in his career.


“It appeared to have been a gang-related killing of a marvelous kid of a marvelous family,’’ Patrick said. “His mother in anguish called me out in the media and said, ‘Where is the governor?’ The governor isn’t normally expected to get involved with street crime. But the expectations of me being an elected black official are different.’’

In regards to Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson not being indicted for the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, Patrick said the “process’’ of the law has to be respected.

“This case is separate and a part from the anxiety black people have about encounters with law enforcement,’’ Patrick said.

Patrick also commented on the Democratic game plan for 2016 even though he won’t run, saying he thinks it’s important that the Democratic candidate “sweats’’ for the job. He said he’s concerned Hillary Clinton has not done that.

“She’s been an extraordinary public servant,’’ he said. “She is a terrific candidate for president, but I think the narrative that it’s inevitable is off-putting to regular voters. People read inevitability as entitlement and the American people want their candidates to sweat for the job. They want them to actually make a case for the job.’’


Patrick sang a similar tune about the possibility of a Clinton presidential campaign before this year’s Massachusetts primary election.

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