Your Tweets Can Light Up City Hall’s ‘Wicked Cool Tree’

Ah, Christmas in the modern age: The tree, festooned with ornaments, is topped with a hashtag, its lights powered by tweets. The real surprise? This “Wicked Cool Tree’’ is in the lobby of Boston’s usually dour City Hall.

Instead of the boring old standard twinkly lights, the tree’s lights change color in response to tweets. Simply name your favorite color(s) (here’s a list – let’s just say you have plenty of options to choose from), use the hashtag #WickedCoolTree, and you can see the results on the livestream:

Personally, we’re a little disappointed they didn’t go full Boston with “Wicked Pissah Tree,’’ but this is a family-friendly activity after all.


The tree is part of an ongoing effort by the Walsh administration (specifically, his Office of New Urban Mechanics) to spice up the concrete mess that is City Hall with projects like the “Stairs of Fabulousness,’’ whose fluorescent rainbow stripes have been cheering up the space since September.

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