Tufts, Boston Medical Center Discussing Potential Merger

Boston Medical Center
Boston Medical Center –Essdras M. Suarez/The Boston Globe

Tufts Medical Center and Boston Medical Center are discussing mergining into one larger organization, officials at both medical centers told The Boston Globe.

“Bringing our strengths together could be very powerful and meaningful, and we look forward to continuing our conversations with BMC,’’ Tufts vice president Brooke Hynes said.

“There is more work we need to do before making a decision,’’ Boston Medical Center chief of staff Jennifer Watson said, “but our conversations to date suggest the combination of our organizations could strengthen our missions to provide the highest-quality care to patients for many years to come.’’

Massachusetts has seen a rush of hospital mergers recently, including Tufts and Lowell General joining together to form a new parent company Wellforce in October.


Read more about the potential Tufts-BMC merger at The Boston Globe.

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