Wrentham Police Are Really Fed Up With a Candle Thief

Wrentham Police Department got awfully sassy on social media this morning in their quest to identify an alleged holiday season candle thief at the town’s Premium Outlet mall. The department seems to be fed up with a man who they say has stolen more than 30 candles from the Cracker Barrel Restaurant Shop.

The post included security camera photos of the suspect provided by the store’s staff, whom the department says “actually work hard and pay for what they want.’’ If that isn’t enough of a reason to identify the scrooge, the post goes on to say that he actually dared to run away when confronted about the contents of his pockets.


“Running away… possible indicator of guilt wouldn’t you say?’’ the department said. “Tell us who he is… Remember, you pay more for the things you buy because of this guy.’’

Basically, Wrentham Police really are not impressed with thieves. Call them confidentially at the number below if you have any details about the suspect.

Doesn’t he know it’s the season of giving?

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