Woman Allegedly Smears Pork on Window at Framingham Police Station, Offers to ‘Feed the Pigs’

Sausage and bacon sits on the counter of a Framingham police department desk after Friday’s incident.
Sausage and bacon sits on the counter of a Framingham police department desk after Friday’s incident. –Framingham police

A woman was arrested for allegedly smearing uncooked bacon and sausage on the dispatch window and offering to “feed the pigs’’ at a Framingham police station on Friday.

Lindsey McNamara carried a Dunkin’ Donuts box full of meat into the police station at 11 a.m., according to police. Lieutenant Harry Wareham said McNamara approached an officer “with a great smile on her face’’ and said she was there to “feed the pigs.’’ She then allegedly took the bacon and sausage out of the box and smeared it on the window of the dispatch office.

McNamara was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property, a misdemeanor.


The pork meat and McNamara’s alleged “pigs’’ comment appear to be a reference to the criticism of policemen as pigs.

In recent weeks, people have protested across the country against what they say is violence and racism by law enforcement, particularly after policemen in New York and in Ferguson, Missouri were not indicted for killing unarmed black men. Tensions have been particularly high after a man shot and killed two New York policemen last weekend. On Monday, a man in Chicopee was cited for allegedly posting the message “Put Wings on Pigs’’ on his Facebook page.

“There’s a lot of unrest regarding law enforcement, and I don’t know if [this] is related or not,’’ Wareham said. “There’s probably a lot more productive ways to voice her displeasure with police.’’

Framingham has had its own police shooting controversy in 2011. Eurie Stamps Sr., a 68-year-old black man, was shot and killed in his home by a Framingham police officer during a SWAT team raid. Stamps was not the target of the raid, and was lying on the ground with his hands over his head when he was killed.

The Middlesex district attorney’s office determined the policeman lost balance and fell, accidentally firing his weapon. He was not charged with any crimes in the case. Stamps’s family sued the officer on civil rights grounds, and the case is making its way through federal courts.

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