Boston Public Schools Closed Due to Extreme Weather

It’s cold out.
It’s cold out. –The Boston Globe/Jim Davis

Boston Public Schools will be closed on Thursday because of the cold and windy weather conditions, the city said Wednesday night.

“Out of an abundance of caution we have decided to cancel school tomorrow due to extreme weather conditions,’’ Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement. “Wind chill temperatures could drop below -20 during morning bus pick up and it is not worth the risk to our children and families.’’

In addition to Boston, public schools in Worcester, Revere, Everett, and Lawrence will also be closed Thursday due to the weather. Salem Public Schools decided to delay the beginning of the Thursday’s school day by two hours.


Temperatures are expected to reach near or below zero degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. A wind chill advisory is in effect for most of Massachusetts and extends into the morning, as the wind chill is expected to reach about 20 degrees below zero.

“The majority of our students walk to school, and I don’t know if they’ve prepared for the bitter cold,’’ Everett Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire told

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