MBTA Swarmed By Pantless Riders

Picture from the 4th Annual Boston No Pants Subway Ride in 2011
Picture from the 4th Annual Boston No Pants Subway Ride in 2011 –Globe Staff Bill Greene

It was as if everyone’s cliched middle school nightmare became reality on the same day.

For the majority of regular public transit riders, who didn’t have to work Sunday, you — fortunately or unfortunately — may have missed out on Boston’s 8th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, which is exactly as it sounds.

Originally staged in New York by Improv Everywhere in 2002, the No Pants Subway Ride has branched out to dozens of cities across the world, from Seattle to Sydney, Chicago to Copenhagen, with the stated mission of silliness — plain and simple.

In Boston, random subway riders gathered at Pemberton Square and at 2 p.m. took to the T in bare-legged unison.


In the freezing temperatures, what they lacked in pants, they certainly made up for in courage.

Not everyone was particularly enthralled to be in a packed car of half-naked riders.

After surely confounding more than a few unwitting riders, the pantless horde ended their journey at McGreevy’s Sports Bar for a post-pants party.

Maybe it’s just me, but there has got be easier excuses to drink on a Sunday afternoon.

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